Why Best



Steps to ensure real time monitoring of operations and consignment bookings and delivery status

  • One-to-one solutions: To effectively eliminate the scope of missing on business opportunities, we developed a customer relationship management (CRM) module – a customer-oriented web tool for managing requests for quotation (RFQs) by clients, customised with modules to address the specific concerns. It helped us provide one-to-one solutions to them, based on their demands. Out of the 400 RFQs that we receive every day, not even one goes unanswered now.
  • Comprehensive record-keeping: Using the software, we keep a comprehensive end-to-end record right from receiving the RFQs to sending the appropriate quotations to the clients, their follow-ups through the closure of inquiries either with a ‘success’ or a ‘regret’ response.
  • No to negligence: An incredibly effective software to check negligence on part of the managers. Now, every marketing and sales manager has no other option but to log on to their individual accounts on this system and to reply to the clients’ queries.
  • Systemising the operations: There is an escalation matrix programmed into the software that allows systematic viewing of inquiries from one level of management to the next level to make sure that no inquiry goes unchecked or get wasted, thereby providing an enhanced safeguard.
  • ‘Regret’ response: In instances where it is known that we would not be able to cater to a client’s specific transportation needs through routes where we don’t operate, clients receive a ‘regret’ response, thus helping us save their time and effort.
  • Customer satisfaction, revenue et al: A friendly and pleasing environment for the clients, significantly increased customer satisfaction, company’s image-building and a drastic improvement in our topline revenues, we ensured it all through this approach.

Use of technology (SMS/email etc) to help customer track shipment in real time

  • Last mile delivery: Using this option, we successfully raised the clients’ satisfaction. The customer gets minute-by-minute updates via SMS and email after they put in a simple request on our mobile application.
  • Dispatch details become handy: We deliver approximately 2,500 unique shipments every day, both LCL and FTL loads from our mother warehouse at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) to various container freight stations (CFS) in the vicinity. These export-bound goods are transported from various factories in North India and offloaded into our mother warehouse at JNPT. To make things simple for our clients, we share with them all these dispatch details and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) through SMS and email.
  • Shipment tracking was never so easy: We effectively put an end to the time-taking procedures our clients had to endure to connect to our export managers and the brusque treatment some of them had complained of. By minimising the customers’ interaction with the managers over phone, this feature has effortlessly brought shipment tracking to their fingertips.