About Best



BEST Roadways has always believed that it is the nature and the quality of the people that are a true reflection of an organization. Since the beginning itself, it has therefore put special emphasis on building a team that can truly appreciate the concept of SERVICE and understand the importance of delivering RESULTS.

BEST has built a team along the same lines. At the helm is the core team of Managing Directors and Senior Executives who come from diverse educational backgrounds and have accumulated rich experience in the road logistics and allied industries. This team is responsible for strategizing, taking key decisions and driving the whole business to achieve predetermined goals of profit and growth. It is their vision which is steering BEST Roadways to new milestones.

Supporting the core team is a full complement of staff who have been assigned independent responsibility for functions like marketing, documentation, customer support, liaisoning, scheduling and more. This team manages the day to day operations at offices all over India. It also facilitates client – customer service co-ordination, ensures complete documentation, maintains records and supervises things at the ground level.

BEST being a road logistics major it also has a whole army of drivers and maintenance staff to look after its fleet of heavy duty vehicles. The drivers are also given regular training via seminars and meet ups that ensures that they are up to date with traffic and cargo regulations.

Overall it is the combination of efforts of everyone that has transformed BEST Roadways into a truly world class Logistics Solutions Provider.